Levelled Mandarin Classes for Kids and Young Students

With a changing global situation and routines, many parents worry for their kids and concept of home schooling has also evolved these days. No one knows when the situation gets normal and many people have started to live with this pandemic by accepting and moulding lives accordingly. If you also want your child to learn Mandarin because you want them to flow with the world’s changing dynamics, then you have found the right article. The article will give you an insight about many online programs working in this regard and what options are available for your kids.

Online Mandarin Classes

The online Mandarin classes are especially designed to meet every child’s learning requirements. These courses are for kids of age from 5 years to 9 years which is purely on the interests, personalities and hobbies of kids. Apart from these, classes make use of pictures, games and different objects for making learning fun for kids. Here’s an example of what a Mandarin Class programme would be like for different kids ages and language levels:

Programs for Beginners

Beginner level programs are for those kids who have never ever learnt Chinese and any of the Chinese characters. Mandarin is like an alien language to them. Thus, the program starts with basic understanding and knowhow of Chinese vocabulary and sentence structures. Also numbers, ages, colours, games, fruits and animals are also taught in Mandarin language.

Mandarin at Level 1

This program is for those kids who have basic knowledge and knowhow of mandarin like answering simple, every day questions and entertaining short sentences. Also nursery rhymes, name of certain toys and simple dialogues are understood by these kids.

Mandarin at Level 2

The level is for those kids who can question and answer simple matters in the form of short sentences. The course at this level is all about learning culture of different countries, about time, seasons, directions etc. After learning, kids are able to tell short stories in Mandarin language.

Mandarin at Level 3

This level makes kids better familiar with feeling, hobbies and school life. They are able to express better and understanding of Chinese culture is achieved. Apart from this, poems, idioms and other language syntax are also clearly taught to kids. Kids also become familiar with Chinese customs and culture.

Mandarin at Level 4

Kids at this level are able to interact other with better Chinese language and spoken skills. They are able to carry on their routine and even non routine matters with others. Kids can even read stories, some folk tales with fluency. Chinese proverbs and other ancient stories are also part of this learning process.

Mandarin at Level 5

At this level, kids are now able to read and speak longer sentences with much ease. They are accurate as well as effective in learning and speaking Chinese. writing skills of kids are better at this stage

This article is for those parents who want to enroll their kids in Mandarin programmes and classes in Singapore. They will understand the level wise Mandarin language understanding of their child and will be able to better enroll their child accordingly. Also they can home school their child effectively.

Wide Variety of Different Mandarin Classes in Singapore

For learning mandarin while living in Singapore, the challenge is to get oneself enrolled in one of the best places to pick up the language quickly and accurately. Some people are of the view that Chinese language can best be taught in China only, but its not true. Since mandarin is also official language in Singapore and one gets to hear it not only in classes, but also in day to day interaction with Singaporeans in the marketplace, so learning Mandarin is considered essential for most students and professionals in Singapore.  

Different Mandarin Programmes

There are diverse mandarin programmes and classes offered in Singapore. However, keeping in mind your specific requirements for learning, you should choose which suits you best. Below is some details to consider about each programme.

Programmes to learn Mandarin Fast

Such programmes are normally generic in nature but if you are beginner then this programme will help you learn more than just mandarin. You can arrange online classes at your home, in your office or if want can physically come and take classes. In the 30-hour class, one gets a chance to easily communicate in the language. The course is planned differently for beginners, intermediate as well as advance level requirements of people.

Courses for Groups

Some course is being offered for group as well as for business professionals. Depending upon the requirement of the people and customization of course, the price of these courses vary. Classes can range over periods of different months.

One to One Classes

If you are not interested in the group study setting, mandarin centres also offer one to one classes for students to learn. Again, the fee structure is varied for all students and depends on where the teaching is done. The programme is comprehensive, and it also includes understanding of Singaporean as well as Chinese culture besides learning the language.

Learning Singaporean Culture

Yet another institution in Singapore offers courses related to cultural education. These courses are not only for locals and members; they also have the specific programmes for visitors. For learning Chinese at elementary level, diploma programmes are also offered both for intermediate as well as beginner levels.

Courses for Beginners

If you want to learn and enjoy at the same time, then enjoy learning programmes that offer classes for beginners as well as intermediate. In such courses, one gets a chance to learn Singaporean culture along with learning Chinese language for day to day interaction. This course is also beneficial more for beginners whereas intermediate with less vocal understanding can also gain from the course.

If you want to become fluent in speaking Mandarin, then there are certain courses designed especially for meeting individuals, kids as well as business requirements. Courses are customized and recognized at international level.

The above-mentioned courses are being offered with much customization to cater many individuals. One can see which option is best, keeping in view the requirements of learning Mandarin in Singapore.

Beginner Mandarin Classes in Singapore for Kids

If you are a beginner and want to study Mandarin while living in Singapore, then you need to learn some basic lessons and know how about the mandarin class before getting yourself enrolled in a program. Attending mandarin classes in Singapore helps meet individual or company requirements (student or employee). There are many mandarin centres dedicated to and experts in delivering tailor made course content for these language lessons. The level of the classes are for beginners to advanced levels as well.

Normally, the courses are private which allow face to face interaction with the teacher, thus maximum liberty, and excellent learning opportunity without compromising one’s privacy. The courses are custom made which allow person to learn while in the comfort of home or at workplace. In case you have any upcoming exams or any test, then such courses are best meant to improve language confidence.

Why take a Mandarin Course?

  • The course offers short duration along with flexibility for an individual to learn the course. There is no hassle. One can opt for the course any time as per his/her routine. Once registered you may need to be consistent.
  • The teacher or instructor of the course are qualified and fully devoted in their field. They give utmost, uninterrupted attention to the pupil, thus enhancing learning environment.
  • It is always better to make small target, as what do you intend to study in the course. Whether you want to master in some specific area or fulfil language challenge so as to achieve any required results.
  • It is even possible to opt for any online course, which again allow maximum liberty and flexibility in choosing the timing of the course. Then, you are at your own if you want to take mandarin classes at home, at work place or while in school.
  • In case you travel a lot or have busy schedule, even then such courses allow one to choose from the offered program as per your freedom.

What does a Mandarin course offer?

You are free to choose from the offered courses. Some common course content are Chinese for business, Chinese for writing, test preparation or for daily conversation. In case you opt for one to one course, then such courses are especially designed to meet your requirement of mandarin classes. So it is up to you, set target and define your goals and then leave all to teachers to decide how to design your course content.

One to one interaction classes are beneficial for you because it means utmost focus and attention on you and meeting your mandarin learning requirements. Teacher will also be able to give your maximum time, attention as well as guideline to help you achieve your goals.

You will get a chance to interact and learn by interacting with the others taking part in the Mandarin classes as well. This benefits kids as they gain new friends and socio-emotional skills, and for adults, networking and socialising is also part of the experience.

The article is about general information on mandarin classes and how to go about it. There is always first time and for beginners, this article may be helpful in deciding which mandarin programme to choose.