How To Prepare Your Kid For Preschool

How To Prepare Your Kid For Preschool

No doubt, a lot of parents are already aware of preschools and how they can benefit their kids in the long run. In spite of this knowledge, some still find it unbearably difficult to make the most of the opportunity as their kids have challenges adapting at the early periods. You must understand that kids are like every other human beings – they sometimes find it challenging to adjust when they have to. It mustn’t be so! There are things one could do to smoothen the entire process.

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Meeting the Teacher

Kids mustn’t throw tantrums and make a hell of a noise when they go to a preschool for the first time. With the right feeling and a friendly atmosphere, there wouldn’t be need for any of that. Our esteemed author has this to say:

If possible, take your child to a Meet the Teacher program or Open House and let her play on the playground before school starts. Read more here!

Kids usually cry in front of strangers because they lack the required confidence at that point in time and as that is why they prefer to hang around loved ones only. That is why this approach is great. First, it helps the child get used to the environment before the others arrive. Secondly, when the child sees you talking to the teacher, they see the teacher as a friend.

So put your child in the best mood possible by doing this before the actual preschool starts and you shouldn’t have any troubles whatsoever. Doing this will certainly quell a lot of nerves, but there are other things you could do as well. Let us get through the others.


Learning How To Orient And Hold Scissors Correctly

I am very sure you never thought this was ever going to be necessary. Well, you could not have been more wrong! This is just one of the many simple activities that parents overlook and end up complicating matters for kids. Ashley puts it in this light:

Before they learn to cut, this is the first logical step. The prompt I use is “Is your thumb in the small hole?” and/or “Is your thumb on top?” Usually kids who are learning to cut will pronate (turn over) their wrists at first so they need this reminder. Practice 3 times in a row to make sure they have scissor orientation down. Read more here!

This exercise teaches a kid a lot of things. They learn how to move their wrists, position their thumbs and many more. If a kid has an idea of what he or she is about to learn, it makes it easier for them to understand whatever they are being taught.

The scissors orientation is a great way to get kids started in the preparation for preschool. They are going to be learning a lot of things when they get there, and if they happen to have the least idea of what they intend to do beforehand, it will help them focus better in the process.

Read Books

Parents do have their part to play when it comes to preparing kids for preschool. There are a couple of things you may need to do that can reduce the tension. But if you don’t know these things how can you do them? recommends that:

Spend time reading books about preschool, such as “Maisy Goes to Preschool” by Lucy Cousins, “Llama Llama Misses Mama” by Anna Dewdney, “Little School” by Beth Norling, or “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn. Read more here!

There are a million and one things you could learn when you read books and that’s applicable to preparing your kid for preschool. You could be ignorant of a couple of things and that could worsen the state of tension that your child is likely to experience as she prepares for the big day.

Yes, preschool is great. Yes, your kid is bound to fret when he or she gets there. But there are things you could do to help the situation and some of those tips have been embedded in the books that were mentioned above. Get a hold of any of the books and see how you can apply the knowledge within wherever necessary.