Points which make IB international schools better

Points which make IB international schools better

The type of environment your child gets in school is very much responsible for framing his/her personality. For the all-round development of your child choosing an IB international school is a great idea. If you are looking for an IB international school then you can also consider a top international school in Singapore such as GESS. The type of environment your child gets in an IB international school is undoubtedly the best for your child�s growing years.

Let�s have a look at some points which make the IB International school better than any other education system.
� Interaction sections for both the parents and the students
In an IB education system, interaction sections are conducted where the students learn how to present them and speak about their interest in the public. The interaction sections are conducted for the parents as well where mentors are invited to teach the parents how to handle the growing years of their child in a sensitive way.
� Holiday camps
To make the children expose to the outer environment the holiday camps are conducted where they learn how to adjust outside their comfort zones. The camps help the students in learning the basic values such as how to cooperate with other fellow beings, patience, and many others.
� Weekend clubs
To help the students in polishing their skills and hobbies the weekend clubs are made. It�s totally up to the child, in which club he/she wants to participate. The weekend clubs helps the child to provide sufficient time in doing things of their interest.
� Music
The IB education system has kept music as their priority teaching. Your child can choose to learn any kind of musical instrument as per his/her choice. The IB curriculum tries to connect the student with the music as music is something which helps the students in relaxing their mind and soul.

From the kindergarten to the 12 grade the curriculum set by the IB international education system has proven to be very effective for a child�s learning years. With its worldwide acceptance, the teaching quality of the IB international schools is increasing day by day. They offer countless options to ensure your child�s interest in learning. Music, language, sports, arts and natural sciences are presented in front of your child in a way that he/she loves to explore these subjects.To learn is to grow; so gift your child a place where he/she loves learning and growing.

Playgroup is where the Learning to Write Begins

Playgroup is where the Learning to Write Begins

Playgroups Singapore emphasize on inculcating writing skills. Although the feat to get children of playgroup age to write is not easy, there are fun ways of
initiating writing skills. Learning becomes second nature and interesting when a generous dollop of fun is added into it. Writing skills needn�t necessarily
start off with work books. Workbooks are not attractive or interesting because they seem like homework.

At Mulberry Learning Centre, playgroup experience is designed in a way to keep learning interesting and enjoyable. Check out their site today!http://mulberrylearning.com/programs/toddler-playgroup

Pre-writing skills which are introduced in a playgroup
� Dexterity and strength: Muscles in the forearms are built through writing skills. Other play activities which involve grasping and holding objects
are the first steps in developing dexterity. Children exhibit their preferred dexterity when they start playing. They could either be right or left handed
and this becomes evident when they choose one over the other during manipulative activities like Legos, clothespin, painting, clay modelling and coloring makes them familiar of hand grasp. Only when the child develops a strong grasp, will he/she be able to control the movements of a pencil.
� Practice and more practice: Any activity is initially learnt through practice. While adults may remember recitation of multiplication tables,
initial writing activities are hard to remember. Writing practice starts off messy with scribbling using shaving foam or finger paint. Allowing the child to write using fingers gives him/ her satisfaction of having successfully completed the task. A positive feeling of achievement drives them to practice more till the time they are able to hold a pencil. White erase boards are a great way to start writing.
� Scribbling stations to hone writing skills: Children scribble and a make a mess of walls or any exposed surface. Scribbling stations are a great
way to encourage the child to learn how to grasp a crayon. The choice of scribbling materials keeps the child entertained. Every child�s preferred material varies; having different materials caters the interest of each.

At Mulberry learning center not only does the child develop important life skills like communication, questioning skills, self-awareness and relationship building; they are encouraged to develop appropriate solutions for everyday problems. The children are initially supported to sustain the transition from home to a formal learning environment. Even during the playgroup level, Mulberry learning center offers bilingual learning environment with English as the primary language and optional Chinese. Pedagogy of teaching, here, follows the ASK framework.

Benefits of Playgroups to Parents

Benefits of Playgroups to Parents


If we think about a child’s takeaway in the years of attending pre-schools, we can say it is actually worth it because they can use it as independent learning guides when they attend a school.  However, we always think that playgroups are initially designed for toddlers but what do not always see is that, parents can gain as much benefits from a playgroup. And it takes an appreciative approach for us to see these things clearly and make them last.

Let us first put the idea of nanny-caring and extra hours of solitude to the back seat and try to magnify the long-term advantages we can enjoy. Instead of staying at home waiting for the session to end so you can pick up your child, consider the opportunity to spend time with him through this assembly. Playgroups provide a stimulating and non-stressful environment for the kids and just imagine attending playgroups with your child and enjoying the same perks. For some parents, it is their getting-away method from chores and literal mess at home until they are re-energized to carry out again.

If you are looking for a good playgroup Singapore to start your child in, do consider Mulberry Learning Centre in Singapore. They carry the Reggio Emilia framework and Habits of Mind curriculum which are both excellent programs for your child. As a top notch preschool centre, you should check them out here.

For the first article, Jennifer Pinarski has shared her turning point of from being a stay at home to a playgroup mom.

5 reasons to go to playgroup

I clearly remember my first day at parent and tot playgroup. I was a few weeks away from returning to work, having spent most of my maternity leave at home, too anxious to leave the house. But returning to work meant that both myself and my son would have to spend time away from the house and each other. Read her full story here


New moms often feel insecure because they think they do not know how to take care of their child according to standards. Well, that is partly true because parenthood—especially motherhood, is not some shells you find at the beach that you can choose which one to work crafts on and which one is not. It is a lifetime commitment and duty that a woman pledges to and there will be no going back. With that being said, it also requires lifetime of learning and trainings as your child grows up. These techniques and hacks on how to handle your child often come from elders in the family that is why sometimes, these folks have traits in common.

On the other hand, if you are not someone living next to a relative, you may find it a little difficult to find someone to talk to about parenting stuff. Fortunately, playgroups are organized by mothers not only to let them child play, but to also connect with other moms. Discussions and exchanging of tips and ideas to manage a kid have helped new moms more than ever. The load of responsibility feels lighter when you have support from a group of people who goes through the same thing.

For the next article, we have Kelly Winder who wrote about her experiences with other moms in a playschool with her child.

Playgroups – Good For Bubs, Great For Mum! | BellyBelly

  • “I’m an army wife and we move around a bit. Playgroup is more like an extended family or support group to army families.”
  • “I feel comfortable with the other women at playgroup; it used to be a mother’s group. I can say anything to them and still feel I’m okay.” Read more here


With kids at home, we rarely have time to put make up on or examine an outfit making sure that we look good. The things you did when you’re still single feels like a luxury you can’t afford now and that involves your relationship with your spouse. Dinner dates seem to happen once in blue moon because you’d rather stay at home and watch your kids than spend a hundred dollars on a single meal. Though, you don’t have to stay this way if you have a community who can recommend someone to babysit for a few hours.

Conferencing with parents from playgroups does not always have to be about raising kids because sometimes this is where parents earn friends. It means a larger network and more people to call up when you need help. You’ll need this extra help mainly if you are new to the town and its community. A simple chat during playschool hours with other parents can show you the way to the nearest hardware, church, and sometimes, even a coffee shop. By getting involved with these people, you are expanding your horizon as well as how you perceive it.

For the last article, Heidi Murkoff  gave tips on how else a playgroup can benefit a parent.

What to Expect: The Benefits of Playgroup

But for parents, joining a playgroup can bring many perks, including:

Adult conversation- Meeting regularly with other parents will provide you with the opportunity to speak and be spoken to in full sentences. Meeting regularly with other parents will provide you with the opportunity to speak and be spoken to in full sentences. Read more


There are many ways an adult benefit from attending their child’s playgroup and it can be tested over time. There is nothing more assuring in motherhood but to know that you are not alone with the struggles. There are those who greatly understand your frustrations and exhaustion because you are in the same rocking boat. It is also not impossible to build friendships with those you parents you have been with for long and you might not know it, but you could still be talking to each other even when your kids turn to teenagers.

Spending time with those people is a great way to cope up with stress parenting could potentially give. Also, being able to connect with your community gives you a sense of security and confidence that you have someone to call over in case of emergencies or sometimes, people you can invite when you throw a party. Being with minds alike can help you become the better version of you when it comes to parenting.