All You Need To Know About Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing is the use of Facebook social network to increase popularity of your website, brand, and products, in order to get more sales or linkage to potential clients. Facebook attracts about 1.5 million active users in a month, and marketers should bet on getting positive results by launching useful marketing campaigns

Facebook can play a role in boosting your direct response marketing goals. If you are considering Facebook marketing in Singapore, you require knowing how to write a direct response marketing ad. Below are some of the ways you should consider when creating direct response strategies on Facebook.

1. Address your audience

Do not be tempted to speak a lot about yourself. Rather, talk about how your products and services help clients.

2. Open loop and ad congruency

Open loop is where you have some text on the ad and at the end of this text tell the reader to click on to read some more of the text. Ad congruency is the matching of the text on the ad and the landing page that visitors go when they click on the ad. Ad congruency increases the likelihood of getting more opt-ins on the ads and less bounce backs on the pages.

3. Be clear and concise

When writing the ad text, ensure to tell the audience what incomes to expect, when and how. Make sure that the outcomes, for instance a free report, coupon, or video, are listed or shown on the ad. Follow the Facebook guidelines of not exceeding 20% text in your ad image.

4. Quality of images

Ensure the quality of the images presented in the ad is high and that the images are attractive at the same time. This increases the potential of having a person read through the text on the ad.

You might need to test a variety of colors, for instance if you are using an image of a person, try different clothing colors, and especially red.

5. Be ready for controversies

Make sure to let the readers understand why they should be listening to you. Tell them how your products, services or you differ from other marketers.

The value of Facebook marketing in Singapore cannot be gainsaid. You stand a chance of getting more sales, website visitors and audience. It is also an effective strategy of improving your brand. It is one of the ways you can earn quick sales over the internet