How To Prepare Your Kid For Preschool

How To Prepare Your Kid For Preschool

No doubt, a lot of parents are already aware of preschools and how they can benefit their kids in the long run. In spite of this knowledge, some still find it unbearably difficult to make the most of the opportunity as their kids have challenges adapting at the early periods. You must understand that kids are like every other human beings – they sometimes find it challenging to adjust when they have to. It mustn’t be so! There are things one could do to smoothen the entire process.

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Meeting the Teacher

Kids mustn’t throw tantrums and make a hell of a noise when they go to a preschool for the first time. With the right feeling and a friendly atmosphere, there wouldn’t be need for any of that. Our esteemed author has this to say:

If possible, take your child to a Meet the Teacher program or Open House and let her play on the playground before school starts. Read more here!

Kids usually cry in front of strangers because they lack the required confidence at that point in time and as that is why they prefer to hang around loved ones only. That is why this approach is great. First, it helps the child get used to the environment before the others arrive. Secondly, when the child sees you talking to the teacher, they see the teacher as a friend.

So put your child in the best mood possible by doing this before the actual preschool starts and you shouldn’t have any troubles whatsoever. Doing this will certainly quell a lot of nerves, but there are other things you could do as well. Let us get through the others.


Learning How To Orient And Hold Scissors Correctly

I am very sure you never thought this was ever going to be necessary. Well, you could not have been more wrong! This is just one of the many simple activities that parents overlook and end up complicating matters for kids. Ashley puts it in this light:

Before they learn to cut, this is the first logical step. The prompt I use is “Is your thumb in the small hole?” and/or “Is your thumb on top?” Usually kids who are learning to cut will pronate (turn over) their wrists at first so they need this reminder. Practice 3 times in a row to make sure they have scissor orientation down. Read more here!

This exercise teaches a kid a lot of things. They learn how to move their wrists, position their thumbs and many more. If a kid has an idea of what he or she is about to learn, it makes it easier for them to understand whatever they are being taught.

The scissors orientation is a great way to get kids started in the preparation for preschool. They are going to be learning a lot of things when they get there, and if they happen to have the least idea of what they intend to do beforehand, it will help them focus better in the process.

Read Books

Parents do have their part to play when it comes to preparing kids for preschool. There are a couple of things you may need to do that can reduce the tension. But if you don’t know these things how can you do them? recommends that:

Spend time reading books about preschool, such as “Maisy Goes to Preschool” by Lucy Cousins, “Llama Llama Misses Mama” by Anna Dewdney, “Little School” by Beth Norling, or “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn. Read more here!

There are a million and one things you could learn when you read books and that’s applicable to preparing your kid for preschool. You could be ignorant of a couple of things and that could worsen the state of tension that your child is likely to experience as she prepares for the big day.

Yes, preschool is great. Yes, your kid is bound to fret when he or she gets there. But there are things you could do to help the situation and some of those tips have been embedded in the books that were mentioned above. Get a hold of any of the books and see how you can apply the knowledge within wherever necessary.

Points which make IB international schools better

Points which make IB international schools better

The type of environment your child gets in school is very much responsible for framing his/her personality. For the all-round development of your child choosing an IB international school is a great idea. If you are looking for an IB international school then you can also consider a top international school in Singapore such as GESS. The type of environment your child gets in an IB international school is undoubtedly the best for your child�s growing years.

Let�s have a look at some points which make the IB International school better than any other education system.
� Interaction sections for both the parents and the students
In an IB education system, interaction sections are conducted where the students learn how to present them and speak about their interest in the public. The interaction sections are conducted for the parents as well where mentors are invited to teach the parents how to handle the growing years of their child in a sensitive way.
� Holiday camps
To make the children expose to the outer environment the holiday camps are conducted where they learn how to adjust outside their comfort zones. The camps help the students in learning the basic values such as how to cooperate with other fellow beings, patience, and many others.
� Weekend clubs
To help the students in polishing their skills and hobbies the weekend clubs are made. It�s totally up to the child, in which club he/she wants to participate. The weekend clubs helps the child to provide sufficient time in doing things of their interest.
� Music
The IB education system has kept music as their priority teaching. Your child can choose to learn any kind of musical instrument as per his/her choice. The IB curriculum tries to connect the student with the music as music is something which helps the students in relaxing their mind and soul.

From the kindergarten to the 12 grade the curriculum set by the IB international education system has proven to be very effective for a child�s learning years. With its worldwide acceptance, the teaching quality of the IB international schools is increasing day by day. They offer countless options to ensure your child�s interest in learning. Music, language, sports, arts and natural sciences are presented in front of your child in a way that he/she loves to explore these subjects.To learn is to grow; so gift your child a place where he/she loves learning and growing.

Kindergarten School The First Step to Lifelong Learning

Kindergarten schools, since their initiation back in 1837, has been a place for telling stories, painting pictures, learning new things, and making friends. However, kindergarten schools have undergone many transformations and today, they are more than just a fun place for children.

In Singapore, one such school, Chiltern House Kindergarten School, incorporates creative techniques and a holistic programme to grow and develop your child. If you are interested in their programme, visit their site here today:

For preschool children, a kindergarten school is more like a school today where they are asked to perform different activities and taught necessary life-skills to build a strong foundation for their primary school education. Kindergarten schools along with nursery schools, help build a strong base of knowledge that helps children throughout their lives.

Team work in schools

One of the best aspects of kindergarten schools is that they promote team work and the art of collaboration among the children.

They do so with the help of painting, building castles, and other activities that are performed in groups. These activities refine the ability of the children to think collectively and creatively. Both of these are probably the abilities most needed to achieve success in the 21st century.

Traditional or conventional kindergarten activities are like a strengthening learning process where a child is given a free hand to create a project on their own ideas using whatever material they like either blocks, paint, or other materials. Such activities allow them to play with their ideas and share their creations with other children and learn from others as well all of this leads them to imagine new ideas and projects. This unique learning process provides ideal preparation for todays fast paced society where people should come up with innovative ideas more often and deal with unexpected situations.

Talking about nursery schools in Singapore, they give more emphasis on creative learning and help children become innovative minds that can survive in this competitive world. They believe that proper education is the key to a childs growth that leads them to become successful humans when they grow up.

Having the adequate skills

Just like a building cannot withstand natural challenges without having a strong base, similarly, a child cannot survive the challenges of a fast paced competitive world without having adequate and necessary skills. All the skills that a child needs are taught at the kindergarten school level and every other education level just build on that. Childcare centers in Singapore try to build skills in the children that promote teamwork and utilization of creativity.

Kindergarten schools in Singapore also make use of the digital technologies to make the children aware of the equipment and the technology being used in the 21st century so that when they reach the advanced level of education, nothing is new for them. Moreover, the teachers coordinate directly with the parents to give them a report on the progress of the childs overall development. This is done on either weekly or monthly basis.

Arts and Music

Besides just learning, arts and music classes are also a part of the curriculum. Since music has many benefits in the learning of a child, it is a significant part of the curriculum. Other than music, basic subjects like grammar, mathematics, and other are also taught with visual aids to help them learn quickly and remember it as a concept rather than just a course.

In conclusion, kindergarten schools in Singapore are helping children learn the basic knowledge of subjects that they will be taught in their later ages. This will provide a skilled human capital to the country later on that will make Singapore a more successful and developed state.

Things to Consider in a Kindergarten School in Singapore

Getting your child in a kindergarten school in Singapore is not an easy decision. It is a big responsibility over your shoulders because of the fact that your childs learning begins at a kindergarten school. Before you get your child enrolled in a kindergarten school, you should make sure that you are choosing the right school.

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Here we will discuss things that you need to consider in a kindergarten school in Singapore:

Childs Needs

Before you go any further, you need to ascertain the needs of your child. You should know whether or not your child needs a kindergarten school. If you think you can give your child everything that you expect from a kindergarten school, go ahead and get them enrolled.

Educational Policy or Philosophy

One of the most important factors to consider in a kindergarten school is their educational philosophy. You should make sure if the school share the same view on education and raising your children as you do. Since your childs future is at stake, you should ask if the educational policy of the school is centered on your childs activities.


You should know what your child is going to learn in the kindergarten school. Different kindergarten schools have different approaches. Some are science-oriented, some focus more on mathematics, while other follow arts. Based on the interest of your child, you should check the curriculum of the school to get the answer.


Teachers are a most important factor that you need to consider in a kindergarten school because they will be the ones your child will be spending more time with. You should meet them to find out about their behavior. This will give you the idea if they are friendly or not and whether your child can get along with them. You can also watch them spend time with other children in the kindergarten school to find out more about their approach to teaching.


Location of the kindergarten school is also a very important factor because you will have to provide pick and drop facility to your child on a daily basis. You can check if it is located near the office or your home.


Based on your finances, you should consider the one that suits your budget. Kindergarten school is not something that you can change quite often. The child develops a bonding with the kindergarten school and if you change it, the child may get disturbed mentally. Moreover, the most expensive kindergarten does not mean that they are the best one. It all depends on the level of education that they are providing and the activities that the child will be performing.

In conclusion, these are some factors that you need to consider in a kindergarten school in Singapore. Please note that there are many different kindergarten schools operating in Singapore in different locations and before making a decision, you should make visits at a number of kindergarten schools to make sure that you choose the best one for your child. Kindergarten school is the first step towards the academic career of your child and you would not want it to be a nightmare. Make visits, get self-satisfaction and then choose the one. Moreover, avoid taking your child with you because sometimes your child likes a place and insist you to choose that one. This makes it difficult to make the right choice.

Talking about factors, music is also a prime factor. Some kindergartens also offer music classes or musical activities that are ideal for the sound growth of your child.

What Your Kids Should Know Before Starting Preschool

It is the dream of every parent that their child has a strong start in life. This is where the preschools come to the rescue. A preschool gives a solid foundation for a successful future in school. If you worry that your child might not be ready for preschool, there are numerous ways to help your child prepare for this important transition before they start preschool.

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Appreciate Independence

Children not only learn from their successful endeavors but also their mistakes. When your child is in a challenging situation, give them some time to find a solution to cope with it. Children learn fast and that is why you should let them be on their own while performing some activities like opening a lunch box, closing their bags, washing hands etc. This will give them confidence in their preschool.

Potty Training

Potty training is a complex matter. Before choosing a preschool, inquire about the potty training policy. Some schools require independent toileting and that is where you have to be careful. If your child is not developed enough to be potty trained, dont force them. Give them time to learn how to keep their diaper dry for at least an hour. If they learn it, they are ready to be potty trained.

Teach Discipline

Before sending your child to a preschool, teach them how to be organized. You will have to work closely with them to teach them on how to keep their clothes, toys and other items organized in their room. Use baskets to teach them to store their belongings in them. This is a good way to start. After the play session, tell them to clean all the space and keep all the items at the place where they belong.

Develop Social Skills

Social readiness should be a priority. Going to a preschool is your childs first experience of socialization. You should help your child develop social skills like sharing, taking turns, playing with fellow children and participating actively in activities. Moreover, you should also teach your child basic manners like greeting others and respecting the elders. Train your child to say words like thank you and excuse me to make them considerate.

Encourage Communication Skills

When it comes to school success, talking and listening to others is extremely valuable. Being a parent, you get countless opportunities to develop your childs language skills. To begin with, talk about their daily routine, share your activities just to make them confident that they can also discuss their issues and routine with you. Introduce them to new words so that their vocabulary increases significantly and they get to learn their own language more.

Get the Basics Right

Prior to preschool, teach your child their full name, the parents names and the address of their home. You can do this just to ensure that the child answers all the initial questions asked by the teachers. Moreover, if your child has some allergy or special health need, make sure that the child knows about it so that they can communicate it to the teacher and other instructors at the preschools.

These are some things that your child should getting them enrolled in a preschool in Singapore . If your child knows these things, he/she will become the favorite of the teachers in the preschool and have the added confidence in their personality when they attend the preschool. Furthermore, if the child knows some nursery rhymes, it can be fruitful in the preschool as they will know it already and will enjoy them more with the teacher.

Advantages of a Child Care Centres

Child care centres have transformed into an industry today and they are one of the most successful businesses. Today, many child care centres in Singapore are running successfully, not as a business but as learning centres. Child care centres are like schools where the children get attention as well as learn some meaningful things that help them in the school as well as the later stages of their lives.

Following are some of the benefits that your child can get from attending child care centres in singapore. Before that, if you are a parent looking to send your young one to a preschool, check out Chiltern House Singapore for one possible option.

1. Cognitive Development

Various cognitive developmental benefits can be derived from quality preschool programs. By attending a preschool or a child care centre, your child will get a chance to develop beneficial social skills, as well as enhance their mental concentration. Moreover, the child develops intellectually and learn to stay independent. After attending the child care centre, your child would have better cognitive development that would make them more prepared for the challenges of the primary school.

2. Preparation for Primary School

As we all know that being a child it is not easy to leave home for a school where no familiar face is there to welcome you. This makes it harder for the child to adjust to the new people. When a child attends a child care centre, they get used to getting up early and leaving for school. This makes them easy for them to adjust to the primary school as well.

3. Social Interaction and Team Work

Children are usually very welcoming. However, some children are not and they need to develop some social skills in their personality so that they dont feel hesitant in talking to other children. Child care centres provide the opportunity to the children to interact with other children and make new friends. They also learn to play together and do fun activities while sharing their own ideas. Such interaction has a positive impact on the communication skills of the child and they also learn to appreciate others.

4. Availability of Numerous Options

Your child gets different options of spending time at the child care center. There are different toys, puzzles, and books available that your child can use. There are many indoor as well as outdoor activities available that can help in the growth of the child while making them enjoy their time at the preschool. There also are different musical instruments available that can help develop an interest for music in your child.

5. Removes Hesitation and Improves Confidence

Children are usually very shy and they hesitate in initiating a conversation or an activity when they are in front of other people that they are not aware of. A preschool or a day care centre promotes confidence to the personality of a child and tackles any sort of hesitation that they might feel. The confidence that they get from such centres stay with them for their entire lives and help them grow in every aspect of their life.

6. Enhances their Creative Side

When it comes to child care centres, the activities they arrange for the children help them use their creativity and bring it out in shape of a drawing or a project. Their creativity is appreciated by the fellow students as well as the teachers that make them use their ideas more often than usual to get the appreciation.

These are some of the best advantages of a child care centre. In Singapore, the rate of growth is quite high and if your child is not prepared for the challenges, they might be left behind.